Olney lacrosse lessons are available for children and adolescents of all ages at Performance Sport. If you are interested in getting your child actively involved in lacrosse, get it touch with us today.

Benefits of Olney Lacrosse Lessons

If your child is interested in lacrosse you can feel proud for the classic sport offers a number of benefits; many of which can make a big difference in their life.

Mental Acuity

It takes a great deal of discipline to play Olney lacrosse lessons. Whether or not your child possesses natural discipline, it is a trait that will strengthen itself overtime, with consistent playing. Lacrosse is more than a ball game with a lot of running, rather there is a mental acuity needed. This will not only be beneficial in the game, but will also help to improve performance and mood in school and at home.

Improved Fitness

Lacrosse lessons in Olney MD require a high level of fitness. In lacrosse there will be running, sprinting, throwing, and catching. All of these activities will maintain optimal health of the heart and lungs, keeping your child fit and healthy. When not directly playing a game, children will be encouraged to participate in cardio exercise and strength training.

It should be noted that lacrosse is appropriate for children of all ages. If your child is young, the Olney lacrosse lessons will be more focused on the fun rather than high level performance. That said, even in beginners lacrosse, your child will begin to learn the core fundamentals of exercise and health.


Lacrosse is a great way to encourage social interaction. Every member in Olney lacrosse lessons is an important component to team performance. Your child will learn how to set and accomplish goals with others; a valuable skill that will be utilized later on in life. Problem solving skills are also an aspect of playing lacrosse and can help a child to build strong bonds and even lifelong friendships.

Performance Sports Olney Lacrosse Lessons

Performance Sports lacrosse lessons are for children who wish to have fun and become a great player. Olney lacrosse lessons can be customized to focus on:

  • Shooting and dodging

  • Defense

  • Face offs

  • Goalie

  • Speed

  • Agility

Lessons can be one on one or group based; age and skill level may also be considered. All are coached by a qualified staff member who has played the highest level of lacrosse and mastered their position. You can read about our coaches in the bios section of the site. Lessons are focused on the child and will help him or her to reach short and long term goals.

Contacting Performance Sport about Lacrosse

Performance Sport has a state of the art training facility to meet the needs of every player. We have trained staff, physical therapists, coaches, and more to ensure our players’ health is being looked after in the best way possible. If you would like to talk to us about Olney lacrosse lessons email or call us at (240) 912-5270.



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