Performance Sport Systems has always been about building confidence and honing an athlete’s abilities in our lacrosse, baseball and softball classes, camps, clinics and leagues, but now we add soccer lessons Gaithersburg MD athletes can rely on for the same best-in class training and instruction. As the premier sports training organization in the DMV area, Performance Sport now offers soccer lessons in Gaithersburg MD with an emphasis on first touch and repetition in a facility that combines the best of instruction and state of the art equipment that lives up to the reputation we’ve built in our other sport offerings.

The Performance Sport Systems Difference

Like no other soccer lessons Gaithersburg MD has seen, we combine best-in-class athletic training and instruction with core exercises that improve the athlete within. From private and team lessons, to speed and agility training, Performance Sport builds strength and keeps athletes healthy. Our team of in-house physical therapists look out for all our athletes’ well-being. What’s more, we boast a complete Crossfit training campus on our grounds to accelerate athletic ability.

Soccer first touch emphasis and quality & consistent repetition 


With the best soccer instructors in the area, we’ll help young athletes knock down all of their goals.

First Touch Emphasis

The Total Control program that is the basis of the soccer lessons Gaithersburg MD athletes will engage in is rooted in developing first touch using an advanced ball delivery system. Each session will challenge a player’s control using various ball speeds, directions and height.

· Build consistent control
· Receive away from pressure
· Build a confident first touch
· More time for decision making
· Increased vision and awareness
· Increased coordination and balance

For the best soccer lessons Gaithersburg MD offers, Performance Sport Systems emphasizes “first touch” because without a good first touch, you won’t have time to use your other skills because a defender will already have closed in on you. Unfortunately, first touch is arguably the most difficult skill to learn, and it’s what makes the difference between good players and great ones. No matter what you plan to do with the ball, you should know where you want to put it. From the moment you touch the ball to you get it off your feet, every split second counts; you need those moments to deliver as crisp a pass or as clean a shot as possible. Just put the ball where there are no defenders and as your touch improves, your confidence will build, and you will be able to look up sooner.

Quality & Consistent Repetition

Every one of our Gaithersburg soccer lessons employs Total Control training which delivers consistent repetition that challenges a player to focus on the quality of every touch and decision made.

· Replicate game speed training
· Consistent speed and height delivery for each drill
· Maximize touches per session
· Challenge technique quality on both feet
· Varied speed and height delivery choices
· Efficient training technically, physically & mentally

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