• All teams are guaranteed 8 games - TOP 4 make playoffs.

  • Teams should consist of 20-25 players (including a goalie)

  • Single Division

  • Games Start: March 3 (No Games Easter Sunday)

  • Sundays

Game locations:

  • Sidwell Friends Stadium Turf Field


  • $2750 per team


Have a Team?

  • If you are the CAPTAIN or POC (point of contact) for a team that would like to play in our league please contact us HERE.


Need a Team?

  • If you are looking for a team to play on please CONTACT US and we will put you in touch with team captains.


Committed Teams:

  • Capital LC

  • Cavalier Lacrosse

  • Alexandria LC

  • Glover Park

  • Club Lax

  • RedlineLC

  • MOCO

  • POtomac

  • DMV

  • Express / Spartans

Roster Rules:

  1. Rosters are firm by the start of the third game. NO EXCEPTIONS

    1. Firm = Registered, Paid, & Waiver Signed

  2. Captains will be given rosters and may perform checks as they see fit.

    1. Checks MUST happen prior to start of game. No roster checks will be permitted once game has begun.

  3. Mandatory roster checks during playoffs and championship game.



Spring Rules:

League will follow NCAA rules with the following exceptions:

  1. Time Factors: 20 minute running time periods. Exceptions are: the clock stops on all whistles during the last 3 minutes of the fourth period and when there is an undue delay in retrieving an out of bounds ball. Failure to have an adequate supply of balls should result in a penalty. Clock will start on schedule for each game.

  2. Sudden Victory overtime periods are stopped clock.

  3. Face-offs: The face off man does not have to leave the field when there is a pre whistle technical violation during a face off.

  4. Penalty Time: Penalty time does not start until the whistle is blown to restart play. The penalty clock shall stop when the whistle blows to stop play.

  5. Time-outs: Each team is allowed 2 timeouts per half. Live ball time-outs can be called with the ball ANYWHERE on the field.

  6. Substitution: No horn, done on the fly and through the scorers table area, except after a goal is scored.

  7. Dive rule: NCAA dive rule is NOT USED. Our rule is simple: a goal is disallowed only when an offensive player is in the crease BEFORE the ball crosses the goal line, also referred to as SAVE THE DIVE.

  8. Long sticks: The allowable number of long sticks on the field is six (6).

  9. Referee Discretion: The Referee will check one stick (random). Stick Checks shall consist of the “drop test” and the depth of the pocket. Referee shall not check personal equipment. Equipment: Palms of gloves can be cut out. Arm pads, shoulder pads, and mouthpieces are not required but are encouraged by the league.

  10. Goalies – a goalie must be present to start the game. Goalies must wear a chest protector, a throat protector, helmet, gloves and have a goalie stick. Cups/Athletic supporters are STRONGLY encouraged.

  11. Expulsion from game: If a player(s) is expelled from a league game for use of vulgar language directed at another player(s) or five (5) personal fouls he will be allowed to play in the following game. If a player(s) is expelled from a second league game, in the same season including all scrimmages and playoffs, that player(s) will not be allowed to participate in the next league game. If a player(s) is expelled from a league game for fighting, that player(s) is suspended for the next league game. If the same player(s) is expelled from a second league game in a season, for fighting, that player(s) shall be ejected from the league for the remainder of the season. This rule includes all scrimmages and playoffs.

  12. Obscene language: The penalty shall be for one to three minutes at the Referee’s discretion. The penalty time is non-releasable.

  13. Field dimensions: Width can be 53 to 60 yards. Limit lines and the 4 inch box at the center of the field are not required. Lines on the sides of the attack areas are required, but do not have to be solid. All other dimensions and lines must be as per NCAA rules unless a team has a written waiver from the SSL.

  14. Referees: There will be 2 referees for league games.




*Hours vary call ahead*



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