When it comes to gaining optimal health and wellness, lacrosse lessons Gaithersburg MD families love can be one of the best options. Lacrosse is a fun, high-energy game that is quickly becoming a popular sport for children, teens, and even adults. All across the U.S. young children are lining up to play this sport. Parents are drawn to the athleticism, finesse, and skills that Gaithersburg lacrosse lessons can offer.

Unfortunately there are a few misconceptions about lacrosse — particularly that it is a dangerous sport. We would like to focus our attention on this and educate people about the benefits of lacrosse in hoping that any myths can be put to rest. If you would like to know more about our lacrosse lessons Gaithersburg MD parents send their children to, please call Performance Sport Systems today.

Benefits of Lacrosse Lessons

1. Boosts Mental Health

Children who participate in lacrosse lessons in Gaithersburg MD receive benefits for their mind and body. The physical activity can help to release a healthy dose of natural endorphins and other “feel good” chemicals, which can help to prevent depression, anxiety, and stress: three mental health problems that many children today are facing.

2. Wards off Obesity

Child obesity is another epidemic on the rise. This is become more and more prevalent since the advent of smartphones, tablets, and other digital devices that are easily accessible. With lacrosse lessons Gaithersburg MD children can be motivated in a fun, natural way while burning excess fat and building long lasting strength and endurance.

3. Builds Endurance

Lacrosse combines the skills of hockey, soccer, and basketball into a high octane sport that tests a player’s’ agility. The playing area is around the size of a football field, which means the player will need to train hard in order to develop speed and strength. Lacrosse lessons Gaithersburg MD has to offer are focused and rigorous which means that players will need to be equipped with a sense of determination. This mindset can be especially beneficial in that it can help a player to push through, make and meet goals, and build confidence. The hard work that goes into training will help to build a strong character that will last well into high school, college, and a professional working career.

Lacrosse: Just How Safe Is It?

Contrary to what you might have been told, lacrosse lessons Gaithersburg MD provides are actually safer than many other sports — especially those that involve excess physical force. The training is overseen by a professional instructor who understands the game and the best moves to make to prevent any unnecessary harm.

Lacrosse Lessons at Performance Sport Systems

If your child is interested in playing the exciting game of lacrosse, the aforementioned are just a few benefits he or she will experience. As the popularity of this game grows, new leagues and teams are popping up, which can enable players to connect with one another and continue the activity well into the future. To learn more about lacrosse lessons Gaithersburg MD has to offer, please call (240) 912-5270.



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