If you’re looking to sign your child up for a lacrosse lesson Gaithersburg MD athletes love, you’ve come to the right place. At Performance Sport Systems, our state-of-the-art facilities and top-notch coaching staff make it easy and enjoyable to work on honing lacrosse skills. Whether you’re looking into a beginners-level Gaithersburg lacrosse lesson for your child or your high school athlete is hoping to work on advanced skill development, Performance Sport Systems has it all.

About Performance Sport Systems

When you come to Performance Sport Systems, you’ll find several things that make us different from your average sports facility. For one thing, we focus on three sports in our primary indoor facility: softball, baseball, and lacrosse.

  • Our training area comprises over 9,000 sq. feet of training space, and the facility can be partitioned off to host several events at once.

  • For athletes who are looking to build their endurance, our crossfit training area offers plenty of space and amenities to work comfortably at your own level.

  • We have skilled coaches and an impressive group of physical therapists, ensuring that our players have access to professionals who can address their needs on an individual basis.

Schedule a Lacrosse Lesson in Gaithersburg MD With Performance Sport Systems

Lacrosse is one of the fastest growing sports across the country and it is especially popular in the state of Maryland. You can sign your child up for one of our clinics, camps, or lacrosse leagues. We’re proud to offer a comprehensive list of activities that are geared toward developing players’ abilities to perform individually and as part of a team.

At Performance Sport Systems, even kindergarteners can enjoy a lacrosse lesson Gaithersburg MD parents trust because we emphasize safety as well as fun for all of our kids. Middle school athletes can develop their skills in preparation for a high school-level team sport. We even offer winter league lacrosse teams for kids (and year-round leagues for adults!) if the spring lacrosse season is simply too short.

Individual Lessons

For a more personalized lacrosse lesson Gaithersburg MD athletes are looking for, we also offer individual lessons for lacrosse players. Each lesson can be customized to fit the player’s abilities and goals for future development. Lessons can be sport-specific or they can focus on general training for speed or strength. Athletes can sign up for 30-minute or 1-hour single lessons, or they may sign up for a package of four lessons or eight lessons for ongoing training. We also offer two tiers of instructors, giving you the ability to determine how much oversight you’d like your lacrosse lessons to provide. We also allow players to switch trainers as they please.

Sign up for Your First Lacrosse Lesson Gaithersburg MD Has to Offer

At Performance Sport Systems, we’re proud to give families a safe space to stay active. No matter what age your child is, we have customizable lacrosse lessons that are both engaging and challenging.

For more information about scheduling your own personalized lacrosse lesson Gaithersburg MD athletes recommend, contact Performance Sport Systems today at (240) 912-5270.



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