Performance Sport Systems offers lacrosse training Gaithersburg MD community members take advantage of for a variety of reasons. If you’d like to sign up or find out more, call us at (240) 912-5270. Gaithersburg lacrosse training can benefit people of all ages. The pace of your one-on-one lessons will be determined by you, letting you learn as quickly or slowly as you desire.

Native Americans invented lacrosse with the aim of creating a competitive sport with roots in spiritual traditions. Lacrosse continues to outpace the growth of many other kinds of sports in the United States. Many players enjoy the game’s mental and physical challenges. The popularity of lacrosse training Gaithersburg MD athletes and non-athletes agree is due to the numerous benefits it offers. Here are several benefits often cited by players for why they enjoy the sport.

•Lose weight, stay trim. The game of lacrosse involves a significant amount of running. The average lacrosse game lasts up to two hours long. Lacrosse training in Gaithersburg MD Performance Sport Systems is just as rigorous and is an excellent way to reach and maintain peak weight.

•Improve your mental discipline. Lacrosse isn’t just physically demanding; it’s also mentally demanding as players must literally think on the run. Sharpening up one’s mental capacity through an enjoyable game can roll over into other areas of life including work and school.

•Strengthen your cardiovascular system. The heart and lungs get a true workout while playing lacrosse. Regardless of a player’s age, lacrosse training Gaithersburg MD students and professionals can always benefit from strengthening their heart and lungs. It also helps to get the blood flowing which is great for overall health.

•Enjoy the social opportunities. The interaction between teammates can be the basis for lifelong friendships. When engaged in playing games or lacrosse training Gaithersburg MD locals enjoy the camaraderie and company of others who share their passion for the sport.

•Take advantage of a full-body workout. Lacrosse is a physically demanding sport because it works almost every major muscle in a player’s body. This includes lower and upper arms, back, legs, wrists, and hands. The range of motion needed to control the ball with the stick is coupled with the need for arm strength. Running, turning, twisting, and suddenly stopping one’s body occur frequently in a lacrosse game, which is why we stress these motions in training and vigorously work the core muscles. Don’t be surprised if after training for even a short time that your entire body feels more solid and yet also more flexible. Stretching is a wonderful way to extend muscle flexibility and mobility and during lacrosse training, we do plenty of it. Post-practice routines often include additional stretching which you can do in the comfort of your own home.

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Regardless of your age or skill level, lacrosse training can be great fun. Talk to us about your goals and expectations. Give us a call today at Performance Sport Systems at (240) 912-5270 to learn more about the many benefits of lacrosse training Gaithersburg MD offers.



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