Come join one of the lacrosse leagues Washington DC lacrosse players respect. We’re here to win. At Performance Sports Systems, we believe in building confidence in young players to help take their skills to the next level. Lacrosse is a fantastic sport to build up athleticism, while honing in on the elements of teamwork. Develop leadership skills, friendship, and a love for speed and sport on our field. Research has shown that those who participate in sports excel in academics and have a sharper sense of time management and discipline. Those who start athletics at a young age have a better relationship with winning than those who don’t, and develop good sportsmanship – helpful both on and off the field. Mutual respect is engrained in sportsmanship, further helping to hone a better relationship with friends, family, and figures of authority. Findings show that family bonds are also strengthened through sport, as members come out to cheer on and support the athlete they all love.


If you’re considering placing your young one on a team, come check out one of the top lacrosse leagues Washington DC is proud to offer.

Not all lacrosse leagues in Washington DC can go year round, but we offer on- and off-season training through our indoor lacrosse facilities in Gaithersburg, Maryland. No matter what your skill level, Performance Sports Systems has a program to offer. From camps and clinics to hybrid training, our instructors are ready to teach the sport and bring athletes to the next level. Build an understanding of the dynamics of lacrosse from players who know their sport. We have a fantastic roster of coaches that range from major league players to college recruiters. Allow them to help your athlete build up their skill levels and become a top player for lacrosse leagues in Washington DC Those who train with us are ready to take on a field at any level, should they want to go hard. Our coaches are ready to train you to excel at the fastest sport on two feet. Be a part of one of the lacrosse leagues Washington DC residents deserve.

Come engage in athletics on the next level. By starting players young, we increase their odds of developing healthy patterns for life. Our coaches are passionate and can guide players to further hone their interests and skills, with a knowledge in scholarships to invest in your young athlete’s future. Ask our coaches for any additional information! We are fortunate to be one of the Washington DC lacrosse leagues with coaches from fantastic backgrounds with experiences they are happy to share.

While lacrosse teaches mental perseverance, it also sets up the body for a healthy future by toning muscle and building stronger bones. Get ready to be a part of one of the best of the lacrosse leagues Washington DC has to offer you. We’re here to win. Are you? Come join one of the lacrosse leagues Washington DC natives know is the best in town, and find out what we’re all about!



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